Luna Aura

This is probably the best story to show you how random the way I find new artists can be sometimes. I jumped on Snapchat to avoid doing the actual things I needed to do, like we all do on a Sunday night when the case of the Monday’s are already creeping up on you. Anyway, I’m going through my friend’s snaps… dogs, food, babies, art, selfies, the usual, but then my friend starts sharing all these photos of a pool party. I, of course, immediately get interested when I see a slice of pizza floaty in the pool. Then the next snap is a girl jumping around on stage, so I turn my volume all the way up. Within seconds of hearing Luna Aura on that pool party stage I know I have to know who she is. The next snap is her covering a song that I can’t quite remember right now but I distinctively remember that she had a different sound I had to hear more of. Once I go through the snaps I message my friend asking who it was. He answers and goes on about how great she was. By then I was already looking her up. I’m actually not even sure I responded with anything more then a thank you because I was so engrossed .

Luna Aura, based on what her website says (because her Instagram is private), is that she’s from Phoenix, is pretty new in the game and she seemingly writes all her own music. Her new album is called “Supernova”. I instantly fell in love with her sound. I porbably listened to every song 3 times.

This is not music to fall asleep to by any means. Mostly every song makes you want to take your pants off and dance around your apartment in your socks. (Maybe that was just me?) Electronica based, with pop beats and hints of rap moments.  Even the slower songs still make you wanna move though.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the girl can spit some rap out. Her song “Blow” gave me flashbacks to the young female rappers that are big in the Northern California bay area. The parts where she’s rapping she’s giving you upbeat lines quickly instead of a harsh in your face rap which is refreshing and a little easier for the non rap fans to enjoy.

In other songs she reminded me of Lana Del Ray, who I actually don’t enjoy listening to but probably should. It was quite confusing for me at times how much she reminds me of Lana Del Rey and it didn’t bother me. Her voice matches in that smooth, soft, cool manner. She can undoubtedly bring you into that whole ‘high on life in the 1960’s’ world.

She’s a relatively new artist with an interesting sound. She falls into the category I’ve been noticing has been gaining listeners, which is the young female singers who mash up electronica, pop, alternative, hip hop and rap influences. I personally believe that they’re the generation that has grown up with having the world at their fingertips and chance to be influenced by so many different types of music easily. That’s probably a whole other post just waiting to happen, but for now think Bishop Briggs, Lorde, Tove Lo, MOONZz, and a hint of Ke$ha to reference.

She doesn’t have much music out or any upcoming shows listed but she’s got enough songs to play on repeat happily for a few hours. Hopefully she gets on a tour for the summer soon so I can see her for myself in L.A. instead of snippets of snapchat videos. Moral of the story is, always play your snaps with the sound up high! Just kidding…but really, you can miss a lot if it’s on silent.

Personal favorite songs: “Blow”, “Radio”, “Eyez”, “Dancing With Your Ghost”, and “Trigger”